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Wedstrijdverslag van de kruisfinale Bowl (3/4 plaats) HRC Colts 2 vs CL SBEN Colts 1

Saturday 1st April, an important match was waiting for the Colts 2 (and 3). In a rugby match played on an extremely rainy day, the HRC team emerged victorious with a remarkable performance that showcased both their strong defense and potent attack. The opposing team (het Cluster SBEN Colts 1), known for their big forwards, was unable to break through HRC’s defense, while HRC’s attack proved too much for the opposition to handle, despite the adverse weather conditions. Both teams battled it out with great determination and resilience, but it was HRC’s overall performance that proved to be the standout feature of the match, earning them a well-deserved victory.

As the HRC Colts took to the field to warm up before the match, there was a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. Despite the pouring rain, the team looked focused and determined, working hard to prepare for the battle ahead. Though there were a few mistakes with ball handling due to the wet conditions, the players showed great resilience and a positive attitude, never allowing the weather to get the best of them. With each passing moment, the team’s confidence grew, fueled by their desire to win. They were eager to prove themselves on the field and show that they were a force to be reckoned with. At the end of the warm-up, the team run was a testament to their preparation and readiness for the match, and it was clear that the HRC Colts were mentally and physically prepared to give it their all in pursuit of the win they wanted.

As the first half began, the HRC Colts approached the setup with a sense of focus and determination, despite some initial booing from the opposing team. However, this did not discourage the HRC team, as they were quick to establish dominance over the game from the very first minute. With an aggressive attack and a solid defense, HRC was able to keep the opposing team at bay and control the pace of the game. Though the wet conditions made for a challenging playing environment, the HRC Colts persevered, using their teamwork to outmaneuver their opponents. At 10 minutes from half time, Vincent Bataille, our first center, scored a beautiful try, which was confirmed with a conversion from Pieter Eijsink, following one of the multiple kicks played in this first half. This stunning play solidified the HRC’s lead and gave them a boost of confidence heading into the remainder of the game. Despite the occasional setback, the team remained resolute, determined to maintain their lead and secure the win that they had worked so hard for.

Despite the opposing team’s score, the HRC Colts remained resolute and unwavering. Just a few minutes later, HRC scored their second try of the match. Pieter Eijsink was the one to cross the try line, following Aksel van Broek’s kick. Pieter then succeeded in converting the try from a very difficult angle, further increasing HRC’s lead. This was a pivotal moment for the team, as it showcased their ability to respond quickly to setbacks and maintain their momentum in the face of adversity. With a two-try lead and time running out, the HRC Colts continued to play with unyielding intensity and unwavering focus, refusing to let up until the final whistle.

As the game approached its final minutes, both teams were giving it their all, with HRC continuing to hold onto their lead. However, one injury on the opposing team forced a player to leave the field, leaving both teams with a 7-men scrum for a period of time. Despite this challenge, the HRC Colts remained determined to finish strong, continuing to push forward with a fierce intensity that the opposing team simply could not match. However, the other team managed to score a try due to a tactical mistake from HRC in a scrum, and they successfully converted it. This gave the other team a boost of confidence, but HRC did not let its guard down. They maintained their strong defense and continued to push forward on the attack.

When the final whistle blew, HRC emerged victorious, having demonstrated a strong defense, a powerful attack, and an unwavering determination to secure the win. The team’s determination, grit, and perseverance paid off in the end, as they emerged victorious with a final score of 14-12.

See you Tuesday and Thursday at the training sessions. 

Ziad Ezzergui

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