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Colts 1 vs Dukes
Het wedstrijdverslag van HRC Colts 1 uit tegen Colts 1 van The Dukes

Het was wat geflatteerd, want de gastheren in Den Bosch hadden maar 14 man op het veld: Colts 1 denderde over The Dukes heen afgelopen zaterdag. Man Of The Match Adam doet verslag:

Hi, Saturday 6th of April, we played The Dukes. In a somewhat interesting (away) game we won 80 to 5.

It was frustrating news to begin with: to find out we were only playing 14 players. However, our players knew we had to treat it in our minds as if they were 15.

We played a high off-loading game, where we used the offload to create an overlap on the outside. And due to Dukes having only 14 players, we exploited the lack of fullback, this leaving plenty of space on the back for us to kick and chase.

Again, it is rather frustrating only playing 14, however our players know now in training we are aiming for a strong win against Utrecht in the final.

(De stand in de Cup Poule vind je hier)

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