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This year, there was a record in the number of teams with quite a high level that came, including many French teams, a Belgium team, 2 team from Germany, and two teams from the Netherlands, leading to 20 teams in total. During the tournament the Fluffy Dragons played against 7 different teams. Starting in the pool games, we went up first against the winners of the tournament, the English Wildbunch. Then we played the French, Free Touch, followed by Jacou. Both proving to be different levels of opposition but being as fun to play as the other. Finally, we played against one of the German teams, the Black Eagles. 

After these games, the Fluffy Dragons made it to the Plate and had to play 3 more games to determine the final placement. Ended up facing the Raptors 2nd team, being a tight game, then then hot custard, and finally roosters. In the end we placed 16thout of 20 teams. Throughout this day, the Fluffies played against many different styles, and only learned from them. 

In addition, this year as well being a World Cup year, many team sent their national teams or players to train as much as possible and prepare to compete this summer. Which made the opposition more challenging. 

In the end this tournament is a fun way to connect with other clubs, touch players, coaches, and referees. Touch In Paris is a great opportunity to improve our touch skills and test out new moves. It is a challenging tournament that proves to push your limits and motivates you to develop further. 

Each year the evolution of touch can be seen through this tournament not only with the extra teams that show up but also the increase of the level within the tournament.

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