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Celestin will continue his rugby career in France

Please meet Celestin Déplanche, who started rugby in Paris at the age of six (at CSMF as a mini-poussin and poussin). He joined HRC in September 2018 as a Benjamin, at the age of 9. And next season he will play for Le Stade Français (SFP): a huge honor!

HRC – and especially the trainers and players of the HRC Junioren – are really proud of him. Before leaving for France, we asked him a couple of questions.

1. Celestin, congratulations! Please you tell us how you were scouted by Stade de France?

I contacted the Stade Français with a CV and a video of our HRC Cups final 2023 against the Dukes. Then, they invited me for a camp week with the U15 team of Stade Français in October 2023. Thereafter I joined another 2 weeks in February 2024 with their U16 and both times the trainers and staff confirmed they wanted me to join the team. I was super excited!

2. We trust the language will not be a problem, since you are French. It however is likely to be a huge change for you and your family. Is the whole family moving to France with you? 

Yes, because my father already works in Paris and my mom works for Danone. They have a Paris office as well, so we will all move”.

3. How about school? 

We found a private school associated with Le Stade Français that offers adapted schedule. I will to attend classes in the morning and be able to join training in the afternoon. All my new classmates will be on such adapted schedule. They are musicians, dancers, actors and athletes.

4. ⁠What will you be looking forward to the most in upcoming season?

I hope I will be selected for the first team soon and be a key member of the team.

5. You will definitely be missed at HRC. We hope and thrust you built some nice memories and friendships here. Please share one of your favorite moments?

My favorite moment was when we won the championship as Cubs/U14. I was not supposed to play because of an injury the week before in Kituro, I wanted so much to join and it was decided I would be a substitute. It turned out I could come on after 3 minutes, scored a try and played the entire match. Everybody; players, coaches, parents was so happy. It truly was a collective success, the team was very cohesive with the ambition to win.

Thank you for being a part of the HRC-family Celestin. We wish you and you family all the best and hope to see you again in The Hague. Please keep in touch since we all would linke to know how you are doing. 

“No worries, I would love to keep in touch with HRC because the club brought me a lot. I have been very well trained in a fantastic environment, with great coaches and team managers.

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