(Not so) new player (part 2)

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Dalton Deyers
Sometimes we at HRC tend to forget the appeal our club has....

The next in line (after Hiro) to be warmly welcomed at HRC, is Dalton Dreyer. And just like Hiro we did not find Dalton, he found HRC!

He – as a fan of club rugby – stopped by HRC in season 22/23 and actually never left. “HRC has a great atmosphere and rugby culture. It simply is a nice place to be” according to Dalton.

Prior to moving to the Netherlands and joining HRC, Dalton used to play Federal 1 in France for Rugby Club Orleans, as well as on a high level at the Pretoria Rugby Club & TUT Rugby – Varsity Cup in South Africa. With him the team has gained an excellent loose forward.

We (once again) welcome Dalton at HRC, wish him the best of luck and look forward to seeing him play.

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