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On November 22, Klaas-Jan Doppert wrote a lovely article about our new head coach in AD/Haagse Courant. And although Hadley has Dutch roots, reading Dutch is still “work in progress“. So, we translated a small piece especially for him. The full Dutch version can be found HERE on the AD website.

Australian coach brings different culture to HRC: “the time where we had only three men at training is over“.

HRC’s rugby players are on a roll. The club has settled itself in the top of the Ereklasse and Australian coach Hadley Jackson (36) played an important part in that success. He has brought a different culture to the rugby club.

Don’t believe everything they say” smiled Hadley Jackson a few minutes after HRC’s fourth win of the season. “It’s just how you look at it.” But at The Haagsche Rugby Club, they all look at it in the same way. “Hadley Jackson? Well, he’s is a good disciplinarian“.

Ryan Barrevoets has also noticed that the Australian is no pushover. “Is he strict? Absolutely. You better be on the field at 7:50 p.m. to warm up, as training starts punctually at 8 p.m. And not a minute later. Show up late? You wouldn’t dare. The time when there were only three men at training in the winter is definitely over. He will not have it“.

Hadley (en Ryan) waren overigens ook niet de enigen die de karnt haalden. Op 12 november schreef Klaas-Jan ook een mooi stuk over Siem Noorman zijn rentree in Oranje (tegen Canada). Ook dat is te vinden op de website van het AD.

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