English Information about HRC (membership) and for touring teams

The Haagsche Rugby Club (HRC), founded in 1932, has about 800 members. Around 600 of them are youngsters in the age of 4 to 18. In all age groups, we have teams which compete on the highest national level. Many of our teams have won the Dutch championship in their age group during the last couple of years. On the other hand we have youth teams playing on recreational level as well.

Our first XV has always played at the highest level and were crowned Dutch National Rugby Champion 14 times, most recently in 2015. Our 2nd/Future XV,  is considered to be the talent team for players who have the ambition to play for the first XV. Our 3rd XV plays at a recreational level and we also have a team for young Seniors at recreational yet competitive level: our Espoirs. HRC Xtreme is our ladies team, they are also playing at the highest level (Ereklasse).

Planning a trip?

Given the above HRC almost always will be able to form a squad at a level that suits your (touring) team and next to that our clubhouse and facilities more than suited to welcome you. So when planning a tour/trip and interested to visit HRC kindly, contact our respective match secretary by email:

Want to become a member?

The Haagsche Rugby Club offers many things. A thriving social life, the chance to make new and long lasting friendships and feeling part of a real community are just some of the pleasures as well as being part of a great game. Are you over 18 (girls over 16) and want to play rugby for HRC? Becoming a member is simple: PLEASE CLICK HERE AND COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION FORM. The teammanager will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Do you want your kids to become a member?
Since we have such a huge youth department, we have limited possibilities for kids to join the club. Thus kindly be warned there is quite a waiting list for youth members. However in case you are (still) interested, you are welcome to apply. PLEASE CLICK AND COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION FORM. It might take some time, but the teammanager will contact you if there is a possibility to start.

For the avoidance of doubt: the only way to ensure your application will “land” with the right people is using the form. We this kindly ask you to follow this route and not apply via email to anyone else.

Last but not least, all players from abroad, as well as those who do not have the Dutch nationality and haven’t played in the Dutch competition last season, should – prior to registering with HRC – arrange approval (clearance) from their former club and the Rugby Union in the country where they last played.

In case you are from abroad and have never played rugby, nor have been registered with a rugbyclub, there is a slight difference; the only approval needed is from the Rugby Union of your country of origin.

In order to arrange your clearance please use the prescribed standard form wich can be found trough the following link

In short and step by step:

  • Download the above clearance form and fill it out (don’t forget to sign yourself).
  • Those who played for a club abroad: first send the form by email to the club you most recently played for and have them sign the form. Your former club usually will forward it to their Rugby Union. If not, kindly take this upon yourself as well.
  • In case you have never played: send the form by email to the Rugby Union of your country of origin and have them sign.
  • For your convenience, the email addresses of the various unions can be found here.
  • As soon as you receive your clearance form with all required signatures and stamps, kindly forward it by email to our membership administration at ledenadministratie@haagschgerugbyclub.nl, next to that kindly fill out the REGISTRATION FORM (as explained above).
  • The HRC membership administration will forward your clearance to the Dutch Rugby Union for further processing.
  • After your clearance has been processed and your HRC membership application is completed you are good to go.

For further questions, kindly contact your Team Manager. Check the team page to see who your team manager is. 

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