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The former HRC Technical Commission has recently been reorganised and is now called the HRC ‘Rugby Committee’. The Rugby Committee is responsible to the HRC Board for the delivery of senior and youth rugby programmes and coordination of all activities needed to drive ‘on-field’ enjoyment, performance and results across the club. It will also contribute to a strong “One Club” ethos, which underpins HRC’s strategic plan.

The Rugby Committee’s purpose is to help enable the club to develop well-balanced rugby players across all age groups and to promote HRC as a distinguished and well-respected club within Dutch Rugby and within the local community.

In order to facilitate positive player and coaching development experiences, the Rugby Committee will encourage lifelong participation in the game and also enable those with high potential and commitment to be clearly identified and supported.

In addition, the Rugby Committee will help to ensure that HRC is seen as a totally inclusive club, focused on providing a safe and well-managed environment where players of all abilities, ages and genders can enjoy playing rugby.

Chaired by the Director of Rugby, the Rugby Committee comprises of four permanent representatives and five advisory positions, as outline in the diagram below.

Samenstelling van de Rugby Committee

The Rugby Committee welcomes input from all players, coaches and staff with proposals and recommendations as to how we can continue developing our rugby experience for all at HRC.

Please raise any rugby specific issues to the Rugby Committee through your appropriate Team Rep identified above.

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