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Further to various requests by some of our international HRC members, please find below a summary of the HRC bond loan proposition in English.

As widely “broadcast” within the club, HRC intends to start with the development of its new clubhouse per Q1 2018. The current clubhouse dates back to the ‘60’s and no longer meets the requirements of our ever increasing (youth) members base. The new pavilion will boast ten dressing rooms, a gym, physio, shop and a top floor with bar, meeting rooms and a restaurant that sits over 100 people.

Total building costs will amount to approximately EUR 1.000.000. Of this sum, roughly 2/3 has been pledged by the municipality and the endowment fund ‘Fonds 1818’. For the remaining EUR 350.000 HRC launches said bond (obligatie), which we will and can issue solely amongst our members and their immediate family.

 In short:

Target amount:                                                                              €350.000

Denomination:                                                                               €500

Number of bonds issued:                                                             700

Annual coupon:                                                                              2% to be paid yearly, starting 2019

Maturity:                                                                                         2030

Redemption                                                                                    10% (€35.000) per annum as of 2020

Early redemption will be assigned by lot under supervision of civil law notary Michael Lentze.

Deadline registration:                                                                   January 31st 2018

Payment deadline                                                                         December 31st 2017

Issue price:                                                                                     100% face value

We highly appreciate any form of participation in our bond program and look forward to receiving your subscription. Without you we cannot build our new clubhouse. It is at times like these that we need to remind ourselves that HRC is here not simply for its members but because of its members.

Please find the online registration form on our website: https://haagscherugbyclub.nl/inschrijvingsformulier-obligatielening/

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